Does Glutathione Help Weight Loss?

Does glutathione help with weight loss?

Obesity Epidemic

A recent post over at discussed obesity as a critical global issue, more than 30 percent of the population are overweight or obese. Ultimately this problem is so out of hand, and requires so much intervention that it needs to be addressed. Thankfully for most of us, we are just trying to lose a few extra pounds.

Why Glutathione Works For Weight Loss

If you are busy going to the gym, and eating a decent diet but still struggling with losing the last 10 pounds, it’s possible that a glutathione supplement could give you the extra help you need. Beyond that it’s probably a good idea to optimize glutathione if you are in the process of dropping pounds. Glutathione can help protect your damaged cells from exercise, promote liver function and liver detox, and positively influence blood sugar levels. Glutathione is the behind the scenes secret to assisting you in your weight loss endeavors.

5 Reasons for Glutathione with Weight Loss

  1. As you break down fat you release toxins stored in those fat cells that bog the body down. Glutathione can help prevent them from being reabsorbed and assist in eliminating them!
  2. While strength training is a natural way to boost glutathione, weight loss uses up nutrients and can expose your cells to potential damage and free radicals, a boost in GSH can help protect you.
  3. Your liver is responsible for processing lipids. In other words good liver function means you burn fat more efficiently! Glutathione promotes good liver health.
  4. Metabolic syndrome can keep blood glucose levels stubbornly preventing weight loss, while GSH can help promote proper blood glucose levels.
  5. Glutathione can help improve cellular metabolism (protecting mitochondria) which influences energy, and muscle repair. (Remember muscles burn calories like crazy!)

You should always consult with your doctor if you decide to supplement, or undergo a weight loss program! And when you realize glutathione is the extra help you need while losing weight be sure to source the best quality glutathione supplement available. Our site believes that acetyl-glutathione and liposomal glutathione supplements are your best bet. Find a quality source, combine it with other weight loss assisting nutrients like Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D3, and Alpha Lipoic Acid, and you get the extra edge to drop the extra fat.





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