Health Foods and FATTY LIVER

The story of the young independent film maker looking to make it big by using himself as a guinea pig is not new.

Morgan Spurlock shocked the world with his McDonald’s diet and now an Aussie is doing something in the same vein. Check out the original story on

Low Fat (Sugar Replaced) Health Food

Young, (previously) fit, Australian actor and film maker Damon Gameau is releasing a film called “That Sugar Film” to be released in 2015.

Now just so you understand the strategy… he spends 60 days eating foods MARKETED and often consumed as “health foods”… that also happen to be high in sugar content.

  • No soft drinks.
  • No chocolate.
  • No ice cream.
  • No junk food!
Damon consumed 40 teaspoons a day of mostly HIDDEN sugars that lead to his  fatty liver.
Damon consumed 40 teaspoons a day of mostly HIDDEN sugars that lead to his fatty liver. (Image from the original article.)

Sticking strictly to low fat yogurt, muesli bars, cereals, fruit juices, sports drinks, and other items we think of as healthy he managed to ingest 40 teaspoons of these ‘hidden’ sugars every day.

A “healthy” breakfast of low-fat yogurt, cereal and apple juice contains…. wait for it… 20 TEASPOONS OF SUGAR.

It’s worth noting that 40 teaspoons is actually only slightly more than the average teenager consumes!

Results of Hidden Sugar Health Food

60 days of this eating results in lethargy and feeling irritable, never feeling full, weight gain, and massive physiological side effects.

  • Damon put on 10cm of visceral fat around the waist and was headed towards obesity.
  • Mental health was diagnosed as unstable.
  • Early stages of fatty liver.

What Can You Do?

Hit the vegetable isle at the grocery store and start making that a bigger part of your primary consumption.


“Low Fat” items tend to be inundated with sugar or sugar substitutes…. we say skip em!

Use REAL, and GOOD fats, like butter and olive oil. Get other healthier fats from avocado, fish, nuts, etc… Your body knows how to use these.

The truth is putting fat in your mouth does not turn to fat on your butt! That’s a complex chemical pathway, and SUGAR and simple carbohydrates (white bread!) are the ones with the easy street to the lipids around your waist.

Your livers ability to perform phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification is severely impeded when it’s inundated and damaged by excess sugar. Fatty liver syndrome can lead to hepatitis and is a life long health issue!

read the label on your "health foods" so much of our sugar intake is hidden.
read the label on your “health foods” so much of our sugar intake is hidden. (image source: original article)

Protect Your Health – READ THE LABEL.

We can’t wait to see this movie.

It’s awesome that Damon is willing to do this to himself for the rest of the worlds benefit… and we really hope he can recover from the damage he’s induced. It’s a fast track to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

This is further evidence to show that diabetes is easy to induce in a child or any person, EVEN when trying to make ‘healthy’ choices.  More than ever it’s confirmation… it’s time to READ THE LABEL. Look for low sugar content, high fiber, and REAL ingredients.




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