Sugar: The Most Dangerous Drug

If sugar becomes a dangerous and more regulated drug, your cookie packaging could soon contain warnings like tobacco packaging.Anyone who pays attention to health trends knows that there’s always some kind of scapegoat for declining health and expanding waist lines in North America.

Scapegoat After Scapegoat

Once upon a time it was fat. Fat being the enemy lead to “I can’t believe it’s not butter” style alternatives, and low fat yogurt, and low fat… everything.

Then Dr. Atkins came around and demonized carbohydrates. If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, cut the carbs! Books and research started popping up explaining how our brains are addicted to wheat and our belly is designed to store those tasty white morsels as fat, causing obesity, causing death.

It seems insane that it’s taken this long for the serious health science and popular opinion to truly get on board with sugar as the latest health enemy number one.

What The Dutch Are Doing

And it seems it’s starting with the Dutch.

Paul van der Velpen, head of Amsterdam’s health services has written on their official public health website (it’s in Dutch) that he see’s sugar as the most dangerous drug of this time.

It’s a drug like alcohol, or tobacco and should be labeled with warnings.

The New US Dietary Guidelines

We all grow up learning the government instituted nutritional guidelines. They get overhauled every few years and generally don’t change too radically.

This year, the US 2015 dietary guidelines are in for a shake up.

A scientific report has made recommendations for diets, and policy suggestions.  Not only are they saying we need to consume less sugar, they are saying they should start taxing sugar (similar to tobacco) in an effort to curb it’s use and consumption.

Sugar Is Pretty Bad

So that same report from the US dietary guidelines suggests that sugar accounts for 13% of the calories in an American diet.

If you’ve followed our other article on the Australian making a movie similar to “super size me” by eating “healthy food” that tends to replace fat with sugar… you can see that sugar can have a worse long term health effects on your liver than alcohol.

Paleo diet people will happily explain that we evolved in a world of only natural sugars found in berries, fruit, and vegetables.

These days sugar is found in… everything.

The next time you make a sandwich check the nutritional facts on your bread for sugar content. Your average supermarket sauce or salsa has heaps of it added to keep it sweet and tasty.

Use Sweet Common Sense

While putting tobacco style warnings on cookies, and taxing sugar seems a little extreme, glutathione pathway would recommend we all exercise some common sense and try to avoid as much excess sugar as possible.

Avoiding sugar can:

  • Improve energy (less insulin spikes)
  • Clear your skin (less outbreaks!)
  • Maintain weight levels
  • Reduce Cravings

Remember our ancestors didn’t have juicers to extract the sugar water from fruit, didn’t add sugar to bread to keep it soft (or have bread), and find a way to sneak it into every possible meal.

The longer you leave sugar out of your diet, the less you miss it.


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