Super Power Antioxidant Glutathione

What does glutathione do? It is your body's SUPER HERO of health!A molecule found in every cell of your body is the police force, the super hero, the regulator, the PROTECTOR of your health.

Made up of three amino acids this tri-peptide molecule known as GSH is a combination of cysteine, glutamate and glycine. You don’t know what it is because it’s busy acting invisibly to protect your body. Glutathione protects against oxidative stress from free radicals, works as a powerful detox agent, and is crucial to cellular metabolism. In fact your glutathione levels are a strong indicator of your overall health and longevity.

Everyone knows and hears about antioxidants all the time, and if you think something like Vitamin C is good to stave off a cold and is well researched and regarded… just wait.

Glutathione has been researched in over 92,000 scientific articles.

That’s TWICE as many as Vitamin C.

Major Benefits of Glutathione

Detoxification: Assisting your liver in phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification, as well as assisting to remove pollutants, carcinogens, and heavy metals. Glutathione is your body’s ultimate detox and keeping levels up means your body can naturally detoxify every day instead of worrying about detox diets or cleanses.

Antioxidant: Often known as the “mother of all antioxidants”, GSH is your body’s most critical antioxidant. That is why it’s found in all mammalian cells. It’s ability to remove toxins, assist immune function, and protect from free radical damage makes it your body’s super hero and protector.

Energy: If you are looking to boost your energy, start thinking small… CELLULAR small in fact.  You remember learning about the “power plant” energy production of the cell being the mitochondria? Well glutathione is crucial to keeping that power plant running. If the power plants are running strong, that means your tissues can remain healthy and strong as well.  Low mitochondrial GSH can actually result in cell death. Yes GSH is THAT important.

Immune System: Once again, Vitamin C doesn’t have anything on GSH! (Not to say it isn’t also important, and actually works in conjunction WITH glutathione). Your body’s T cells and the activity of your immune system is stimulated by glutathione and of course the antioxidant functions of GSH assist in the job of your immune system staying strong.

Bonus Glutathione Benefit

Skin Care: Glutathione is known by many for it’s skin whitening effects. Now don’t get carried away you aren’t going to completely change your pigment color or anything. What you can potentially do though, is improve your complexion, improve the health of your skin, detoxify your body including your skin, and you might SEEM ‘lighter’ because you radiate a healthy glow. There’s debate on the best way to get this effect but a good quality Acetyl Glutathione supplement is likely your best bet. Regular intravenous injections seem a little extreme for a little extra glow.

Glutathione for Health and Wellness

We’ve touched on it already, but your glutathione molecule is crucial for your health. Check out this post for diseases associated with low glutathione.


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