Suzy Cohen on chronic illness and glutathione

Suzy Cohen talking about chronic illness responding to glutathione

Suzy Cohen recently put out an article discussing how chronic illness responds to glutathione.

Mostly touting how ahead of the curve she was discussing GSH back in the early 2000s and how only some progressive institutes were using it.

Credit to her, she is still sticking by glutathione for a very simple reason… it works.

You as Glutathione Pathway readers are already well aware of the many benefits of glutathione and more importantly the different effective forms of supplemental GSH. Yet she does provide some pretty great quotes that explain things in a quick and easy way that we found beneficial.

“Without adequate glutathione, getting rid of cellular garbage is impossible and all the toxins you are exposed to become exponentially worse because you can’t get eliminate them. It becomes a free radical shopping spree, but it’s a bad bargain for you.”

Glutathione helps detox and "take out the trash" in your body.This sums up what we know about oxidative stress and free radical damage. If glutathione is your number one antioxidant and detoxification defense then “taking out the trash” is spot on.

“There was a recent article in Molecular Neurobiology entitled “The glutathione system: A new drug target in neuroimmune disorders.” Glutathione ramps up efficiency in your neuroimmune system. You need a highly functional neuroimmune system or infections will run you over and keep you chronically ill.”

Chronic illness is where we think Glutathione has the most potential to shine. Because there are so many diseases linked to low glutathione levels, including almost all age related illness and even aging itself. Similarly systemic inflammation is a prominent feature of nearly all illness.

This area of study could help further our understanding of diminishing GSH levels and how raising them can have long term health benefits for those trying to prevent or manage their chronic illness. If glutathione can help your body manage inflammation while also detoxing perhaps there are “chronic” illnesses your body might be more well equipped to deal with, even reverse.

“taking natural glutathione support (however you want to do it) is an excellent consideration if you have chronic illness and I think you should ask your doctor if supplements are right for you.”

Take this a step further and lets suggest a quality glutathione supplement should be considered for those who wish to optimize already good health, maintain healthy cells, and keep up a regular detox. It’s fantastic to find a new way to manage a chronic illness, it’s better to avoid it in the first place.

We are not going to say a glutathione supplement will cure or prevent any disease. Only that you should talk to a doctor about it as a potential supplement for overall health.


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